What we do - 

We help keep the author stress free by - 

Promoting Books,

Creating & Organizing Events/Parties/Takeovers,

Create Teasers, Banners & Book Trailers

Who we are - 

Maggie Lane - 

Originally from Australia where I worked many years in different capacities, the last being Administration Manager. I retired in 2012 and moved to Vancouver, Canada to be near my family. I became chauffeur and caregiver to my grandson and loved every minute of it.

I met Ronni through a love of books on an Author website and we clicked straight away. We also met Sean Kerr (Author) on the same site and we all became friends. We realized we could help Sean promote his books by posting in many different groups. From there, with my Administration brain and Ronni's talent in graphics we decided we could become business partners and do this for other Authors.

We have not looked back since.

Ronni Bee -

Born and raised in California USA until I met my husband. From there we moved to Florida USA where we currently live with our two kids. I am a In home Supervisor meaning I do everything from being a mom/wife/cook/chauffeur/maid/teacher ext.

I love reading and in most genres. Getting to know the authors of some of my favorite books was icing on the cake. It's like meeting your favorite movie star or singer. So why not tell the world about them.

Maggie and I hit it off right from the start. It helped that we had a crush on a mutual author Sean Kerr. It was because of him we are here today helping author's try and get their books noticed. Helping them be the writers they are meant to be and not sweat the little stuff.

We love what we do, so here we are!

Our Services

📌Promoting Books

We are members in over 200 different Facebook groups relating to books.  We distribute your work 5 days a week, we also pimp you out on our twitter page.

📌Creating & Organizing Events/Parties/takeovers

If you have a new book release coming up or a cover reveal, we will organize your Event as well as assisting you and your guest authors for the duration of the Event.

📌Create Teasers and Banners

We will create book teasers for posting as well as banners, this cost is included in your monthly fee

📌Book Trailers

We can create a stunning video with either your current book or what you have already produced