★ Promoting books, Assisting in Events/Takeovers –per month $60.00 

(we have a 3month trial @ $40.00 per month)

Creating Teasers for your promo posts are included in this cost.


★ Trailer Videos $30.00 additional

★ Book Covers –  $80.00 additional

If you require us to organize your Event, the cost will depend on time spent.

Price List

As an added service, we also offer great prices for editing this is through our Editing Department

*Alternative Edits*. Laura has years of experience behind her and can offer very affordable rates.


Story line report – This is a service if you are needing an opinion on your story and what it might need to make it ready for publishing. Do you need line editing? Or could you get by with a copy edit? Is the story needing development before editing? Where can you improve to make the story stronger? This service can be brutal, but always honest!

Copy editing – If your book has already been through a line editor and you need fine tuning this is the service for you. This includes basic errors such as spelling and grammar, as well of a report on the overall story line. The first 20 pages will let us know if this service will be comprehensive enough to serve your needs. If there are more errors that line editing should have caught, we will let you know. 


Line editing – An in-depth edit of your manuscript. We look at spelling, grammar, sentence structure, POV shifts, time-line and character consistency, and overused words. We also include a report on the overall story line. 

Prices and turnover times (in US dollars by original document count)


Storyline report - $25.00 per 100 pages


Copy editing two-week turnover - $6.00 per 1,000 words


Line editing three-week turnover - $8.00 per 1,000 words