An Author Spotlight with Ian Cadena

We have Ian Cadena dropping by today, Ian is giving us a very special sneak peak at his new book The Nexus – The Yule King. If you haven’t read Ian’s first book The Nexus – Samhain, we suggest you read this one first as this is a series and each book is an integral part of this epic tale.

When Ian Cadena was in elementary school, instead of taking notes in class, he was busy writing out plots to act out later with his action figures. Eventually, he did manage to get a degree in Theater & Writing, while managing to avoid growing-up altogether, and works on his novels and nefariously plots from his secret lair.

He has always been enthralled by cryptids, the paranormal, and all things mystic, and it is this fascination that fuels his stories. He possesses numerous tarot decks and has had at least one out-of-body experience...maybe two. When not travelling outside of his body he is either living in Austin, Texas or marveling at the Milky Way from his property in Big Bend, Texas. 

The Nexus is the realm of magick, located between Death and the Afterlife, and has been sealed for centuries. Max Dane, an eleven-year-old boy turning twelve on Samhain, now known as Halloween, may be the only key to opening it. But maybe it should stay sealed. This book series is set within a year span of Max's arrival to Ravencrest, Vermont where the paranormal is the norm. Max has epileptic seizures that cause hallucinations but his new friends try to convince him he's having psychic visions via the Nexus. Max’s visions keep taking him back to Samhain during the middle ages where he meets a tortured soul in the form of an eight-year-old boy named Jack. Max decides he’s going to help release Jack from his torment even if it costs him his own sanity. His only chance at doing that is to traverse the Nexus and brave a fierce entity known as the Knightmare. And to traverse the Nexus he must explore mystical and spiritual practices like drumming, meditation and tarot, which launch him not only through the Nexus but on a journey of self-discovery that he may regret. The first book in the series takes place in the fall and subsequent novels to take place in winter, spring, and summer. These novels focus on holidays corresponding to witch Sabbats and are inspired by Celtic, Norse, and Native American magick, folklore and myths.

Pools of black coagulate dotted the floor and stone walls. Suits of armor were strewn along the ground. They were splashed with carnage and blood leaked out of the suits. A horse edged across the drawbridge and into the barbican. A few torches and the moonlight made the bodies visible in the night. However, most of the castle grounds were in darkness as the majority of the torches were extinguished and the full moon faded behind approaching clouds. Sir Percy had just returned from an errand to the abbey. A messenger was usually sent, however, he was told the package was far too important for just anyone to deliver. He also had to make a trip to the Isle of the Dead. Percy felt the blood chase through his veins and rush into his heart. His sword was still sheathed. He grabbed the hilt and hesitated. His eyes froze at the sight of the bodies. He was in shock. Who could have done this? It would have taken an army to overtake the castle. How could he miss an army? And how come the drawbridge wasn’t raised? A sneak attack? It was night. But where was the army now? It didn’t make sense to the knight.

His horse shuffled through the barbican and into the bailey when it came to a halt. The wind whistled through the buildings in the chilling night. Percy was not accustomed to seeing the castle look deserted; the clouds strobed in the distance. He glanced by the gatehouse and in the vanishing moonlight he discerned a tall dark figure. Suddenly, the horse reared and neighed tossing the lone knight to the ground and galloped past the gatehouse. Warhorses were trained not to get frightened. This panicked Percy even more than he already was. He was able to scramble to his feet quickly as he was only in leather armor this evening. And that’s when he saw what must have spooked his horse. It was an impossible sight. A green light came from the gatehouse. The light became brighter. A shimmering emerald knight came out of the gatehouse dragging a saddlebag along the ground. The skulls on the armor did not seem a familiar rival. Its armor glowed in the night. Percy was overcome with a sense of dread. Was this knight what was left of the attacking army? He knew there was something more sinister at work; something unearthly. His hand froze on the hilt of his sword as the shimmering knight came closer. Percy noticed the glowing knight did not handle a weapon but drug a saddlebag; perhaps he could outmaneuver it. Rage and fear swelled in his chest constricting his throat and breathing. His hand squeezed the hilt of his sword. His heart hammered. The emerald knight advanced with no hesitation. It was as if he had not seen the king’s knight or didn’t care. As the Knightmare stepped closer the last of the torches extinguished. Percy thought of the bodies again. Something in his head said the ghostly knight couldn’t be killed. That it was dead already. Percy shook his head slightly. That was fear talking. He must avenge his brothers.

“Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock!” Cassandra screamed enchanted. “That is so perfect you two!” “Max made my ears!” Jonas was just as excited. “I’m Spock!” “No shit, troll!” “Our moms made our outfits,” Max said. “They’re fantastic!”

“So…” Jonas and Max both were examining Cassandra. “What is your costume?”

Max did notice she looked dressed exactly as she did every day.

“I’m the Wicked Witch of the East,” she showed off her socks and red shoes, “before the house fell on her.”

“I’m an alien!” Lindsey proclaimed holding up her backpack with one hand and holding Max’s with the other.

Cassandra looked down at the little person with a green alien head.

“And who’s this?” Cassandra was tickled.

“It’s my little sister, Lindsey.” Max said.

“Max made my mask!”

“Did you really?” Cassandra was impressed.

“Yeah, she loves aliens.” “And I see you brought your backpack,”

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Review from Amazon

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️stars The author weaved a masterful web of intrigue

ByLorraine L.on April 15, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

An amazing WOW from me and on so many different levels. Anyone that reads my reviews, knows that I'm the Queen of Reading Fluff and therefore, this was a very different read for me and opened up my horizons in so many unexpected ways. Ian Cadena just gave me a unique, complex but utterly riveting book puzzle. I meticulously read and put together each piece that he fed me with. Every piece was unique with a mystic quality about them, but all fitting together in a perfect and very polished way, I was held spellbound throughout. I would happily park up my broomstick any day of the week to read more. For me, it was all down to three magic ingredients - Max Dane, the Grimm Sisters and the author's diligent research. This is not the sort of book that an author knocks out over night (or should that read over his cauldron?) it would have taken time and I should imagine heartache as well, in getting it right and he got it so right! As I've already mentioned, it's very complex and you really do need to keep your wits about you. But the author also teased at the same time. He spun the most marvellous web of intrigue and once you felt the tickle of that silken thread he weaved so carefully, you were trapped. His lure of enticement too strong to break free from, I had to continue onwards to see what happens and trust me on this, a lot happens! When is the next Nexus? I truly don't know but need to find out because I have a very strong feeling that we are going to be taken on yet another amazing ride and I want to be first in the queue. Five big fat brilliant stars from me.

Now lets have a look at Ian’s other Series – The Hard Boys

Beginning with Alien Abduction

Ethan & Justin Hard, along with their best friend Sparky, have formed Enigma Investigations to search out paranormal activity. Case 1.

When their first potential...and adorable...client experiences missing time after a UFO sighting the Hard boys are all too eager to jump on his case.

Will the Hard boys be able to solve what happened during his lapse of time?

Justin hit the accelerator as he closed in on the rider.

“Okay stop, Justin! Seriously, before someone gets hurt!” Ethan said panicked—too panicked to notice the radio shut off.

The rider saw them speeding up behind him in his mirrors and turned around giving them the finger yet again.

Justin was furious. He slammed on the gas and that’s when he noticed the car had turned off. His head dropped to look at the instrument panel. All dark.

“Look out!” Ethan screamed.

Justin’s head popped back up to see the motorcycle just in front of him. He and Ethan jerked back and forth in their seatbelts from the impact. Justin didn’t have time to hit the brake. That’s what he told himself. He saw the rider fly through the air, head over heels past the motorcycle. He killed him. He was about to see the rider go to his death and he was the one that killed him. All he could do was watch as everything moved in slow motion. Every beat of his heart pounded in his ears magnified by the horror unfolding before his eyes.

Then, the rider stopped miraculously in mid-air.

Suspended upside down—head pointed to the ground.

A green light that poured down from above captured him.

Slowly, Justin’s visual cortex began to process the input from his visual pathways. He and Ethan were immersed in white light. That’s why he was able to see what happened. At first, he just thought it was his headlights, but now he grasped that it couldn’t have been because the car died. Now, he saw that he never hit the motorcycle. The motorcycle was halted twenty yards in front of his car. The motorcycle and the convertible were stopped dead in their tracks by the same white beam.

“Ohhhh,” Ethan moaned. “I can’t take it, put your cock back in me. I’m getting close.” “Nuhhhuhhh,” Justin said again from inside his anus. He yanked his face away from his ass, jamming his finger in as a replacement. He positioned his head on the bed under Ethan’s cock and started sucking on his mushroom head as his fist pumped his now fully erect shaft and his other hand pushed up into his prostate. Justin’s hot mouth on his cock with his hands working his stick and butt-button shot Ethan’s brain into spasms along with his legs. He couldn’t hold his load anymore. His fingers gripped the sheets, his glasses fogged up, his pelvis hammered Justin’s face, and a gratifying yell exploded from his mouth as his load shot down into Justin’s throat with his balls slapping his square chin. Justin nursed the fresh delivery. Okay, so it wasn’t the first time they fucked, but starting now, they would absolutely not have sex with one another. The doorbell rang.

Justin considered that seriously. “Yeah, you have a point there,” he smiled with reassurance. “Okay, does it scare you then that we don’t remember anything?” “Well, doctors use medication on patients all the time during procedures so they won’t remember. So…it’s not really different than that I suppose. Still,” he wrapped his arms around Justin’s bicep and snuggled his arm close to his chest, “how can I be scared when I’m with you.”

They rubbed noses. “I’m so grateful to be here with you Ethan Hard,” Justin smiled.

“Me too,” Ethan locked his hands around Justin’s head and neck.

“And…your bigger meat,”

Justin ran a hand down under the blanket. “Hey, I guess we have alien dicks now, right?”

“Oh right,” a mischievous smirk crawled across his face. He rolled on top of Ethan pressing his hard body into his. “They must have put the E.T. in Ethan,” he took Ethan’s lips gently into his mouth as he squeezed his cock and twirled his foreskin.

The flames in the fireplace stuttered. The lights in the house flashed. “C’mon you guys,” Sparky’s voice echoed from upstairs. “We’re not ready!” Light bulbs popped leaving an acrid smell.

The house—headquarters—HQ—went dark.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️stars Ian Cadena creates a cheeky, highly entertaining world that will sweep you away with utter delight.

ByAmazon readeron September 20, 2016

Ian has made a fan of me, and I cannot wait to read his second book. To say that this has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek would be an understatement, and there is a Scooby Doo vibe going on here that is simply delicious. The Hard boys are just an absolute delight, but I think I have fallen in love with Sparky. Ian is a master of words, and the book reads superbly from an author who is so obviously gifted at his craft and knows how to spin a story with a very....firm hand!. It is funny, erotic, unashamedly naughty, and yet it has a serious side to it also. There is a message in here, one that is sadly still so relevant, and I cannot help but put my hands together and applaud Ian for creating a stunningly entertaining read that is still so poignant and meaningful. Thank you Ian Cadena for creating this wonderful world of Mysteria, and I look forward very much to exploring more of this unique world that you have created.

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WOW! If you are not all hot and bothered by now, you need to take a good look at yourself in the mirror.😏

Next up we have Meet Dr Frankenseed

Experiencing Para-Hormonal Activity? Then Ethan & Justin Hard will be all over your case! Case 2.

Mysteria is engulfed by power-outages and tumultuous weather.

Ethan and Justin Hard must figure out what the cause is before the whole town in destroyed.

But with the Hard boys' newly super-charged anatomies, they may very well be the culprits!

“A ghost orgy,” Ethan cooed.

Of course, Ethan would go there. Sparky resisted the reflex to roll his eyes up into his head. At least he had them hooked. “Sure. Yeah. A ghost orgy.”

“Let’s do it!” Justin pumped his arm.

“Great!” Sparky was genuinely elated. “Brandon and I will research the blackouts in this area and see what we can come up with.”

“Look!” Brandon pointed beyond the patio to where a pitch black night should have been. Instead, just above the Mysty Forest hung bands of shimmering light in an eerie green glow.

“It’s the aurora borealis,” Justin sounded shocked.

“It’s romantic,” Ethan snuggled Justin’s arm.

“It’s mysterious,” Sparky uttered softly

“So you have a new name now?” Ethan asked.

“No. Actually, it’s still Frankie Frankenseed. I guess the lawyers figured it’d make the paperwork easier.” he shrugged. “Anyway, the lawyers are pretty confident he won’t do any real time.”

“And how are you getting along in the new body?” Justin asked, concerned the voices may have returned.

“Fine, other than I have to pee all the freakin’ time. Other than that, everything’s great! No more episodes,” he smiled.

“And I can’t believe they honored you with the Key to the City!” Sparky belted to the Hard boys unable to contain his excitement.

“Well, they should have,” Sarah said.

“This is gonna be so great for Enigma Investigations,” Sparky was totally pumped, thinking of more cases that would come their way due to the exposure.

“Okay, you two get together in front of your fountain with your key,” Sarah was finally glad to have her phone working. “I want a pic.”

Justin and Ethan wrapped an arm around each other’s waist, both holding the ornately decorated gold key between them. They smiled broadly for the camera and then Ethan peered up at Justin cocking a blonde eyebrow.

“I wonder what other mysteries this key will unlock in Mysteria!”

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ stars Ian Tops himself

ByAmazon readeron October 27, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

Only a mad genius could reference Game of Thrones, Sharknado and Inspector Gadget all in the same book! And the author still manages to reference the original Frankenstein film in a very clever, ingenious fashion. To say I loved this book would be an understatement, because I laughed from the start to the end. Three! Thats all I'm going to say on the matter! And my favourite line of all time, "Did you burn your schnitzel?" GENIUS! The addition of Sarah and Frankie to the team really completes the Scooby vibe and the underlying story of a father trying to save his child's life is a touching one. And what of Usher House and the Key? In the words of Oliver Twist Mr Cadena, "Please, sir, can I have some more?" Funny, clever, erotic, this book is a worthy addition to the genre of MM, but more than that, I think this is a genre in its own right and that the author has created something here that is exciting and unique. So get writing. I need more. NOW!

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🥁 Now it's time for our very special reveal

The Nexus - The Yule King

Epic battle with Sir Percy and Knight Templar.

“I’m just winded.”

Gareth held Erec’s hand along with the moonstones as Erec rubbed the snow over Gareth’s wounds with the other and watched the bite and slash marks on his neck and chest disappear—completely absent of injury. Erec’s eyes widened at the impossibility. “It’s the Duke,” Gareth sat up before Erec could comment on his healing. “He is the one that is mortally wounded.”

Sir Percy, Lamorak, and Bedivere were already attending to Duke William with little achievement. The Duke’s head lolled—almost severed at the neck—from the wolf’s bite. His chest gushed blood.

“What do you we do?” Lamorak asked hopeless. No amount of snow would heal these wounds or join the Duke’s practically detached head.

Percy looked at Bedivere and Lamorak with eyes that said they could only deliver as much comfort to him as possible before the end. “Get some blankets from the horses,” he told Bedivere who nodded and rushed off.

Erec and Gareth arrived through crunching snow, kneeling down next to William, Percy and Lamorak. “Moonstones!” Gareth held the pouch out for Percy and Lamorak to see. “The wizard gave them to me. I think we can use them to heal the Duke.”

“How?” Lamorak’s eyes darted among the men hoping someone would have an answer because he hadn’t even heard of a moonstone.

“Are you certain?” Percy asked not entirely unconvinced.

“I…” Gareth’s eyes hopped on Erec hoping he would not think him mad or blame him with sickness from being attacked by the great wolf. “I spoke to the faery Max that you have told us about.” He saw Percy’s eyes and face go taut. “A shaman was there too. A shaman from across the Sea of Darkness.”

The night went still. The clinks of weapons and armor from the army drifted toward the silent men as they weighed Gareth’s words. Then William screamed a profound tortuous cry, yanking Percy and the others back to his condition. Bedivere returned with blankets in arms to see the Duke convulsing; foam frothed from his mouth spewing into icy shards in the Wintertide air. Percy and Lamorak each grabbed and arm attempting to hold William down, but his arms jolted with an immense strength flinging Percy and Lamorak off. Bedivere dropped the blankets, rushing over to put his sizeable weight upon the center of the Duke’s body. Erec latched onto a leg. Lamorak scrambled back over holding down the other kicking leg. The muscles grew, bulging around the thigh and calf straps of his armor until they busted, the plates popping off. They each had to use all their strength to keep just one appendage from flailing about. The exposed skin in the tears of his garments grew wildly with hair forming into fur. The Duke’s high-pitched screams swirled into harsh growls. His head lifted, revealing to Bedivere a twisted face that sprout fur and fangs. His arms expanded with muscles and claws shot out his fingertips. They swiped at the large Templar that crushed his abdomen with his bodyweight. But before his claws slashed Bedivere they stopped short of his target. Gareth caught both of the Duke’s hands at the wrist. The Duke raised his head to bite the little knight but Gareth put his knee into the uninjured side of William’s neck locking his head down so he couldn’t bite anyone.

“He’s changing into a Revenant,” Bedivere wrestled atop the Duke’s writhing body as though a serpent evading entrapment.

“Nay! He’s turning into the beast that attacked him,” Percy returned seeing Bedivere on the Duke’s abdomen, Erec and Lamorak each struggling to hold down a leg, and Gareth on his chest miraculously holding both arms and his head at bay. “Don’t let him bite or scratch you!”

“Aye, Percy, we have to hurry,” Gareth said. “The moonstones. Before his wounds heal.”

Percy pulled the pouch out of the snow where Gareth dropped it, dumping the stones into a palm.

“But I don’t know which one,” Gareth winced. He eyed the Duke’s chest and neck, seeing the wounds begin to close. “And the shaman said something about a full moon I think.” He looked to the sliver of the waning moonlight. “I don’t know if it will even work, or what to do.”

“It will have to work,” Percy clenched his fingers around the stones. “And I know what to do,” he pushed his fist to the night sky. He opened his palm for the moonlight to see. A pearly light spiraled down from above into the white moonstone as though the rock itself had reached into the darkness pulling it out of the sky. Percy’s hand vibrated. A shaft of light shot from the white stone to the gray, and then to the blue. Percy maneuvered his hand over the Duke with some effort, as pushing his hand through a surge of water. The blue moonstone splintered two rays into the wounds on the chest and neck of the Duke. Percy began to chant in the Celtic tongue his mother brought him up with:

By the moon’s light

Bide thy time

Renew and grow with this waning light

Bind thine essence in the ebb and flow

By the moon’s light

Find thy health restored.

He repeated the chant over and over while Gareth and Bedivere watched the wounds mend. Torn skin fused, even the gap in the Duke’s neck regenerated and stretched to become whole. Bones cracked back into place. Gashes healed without a trace. The bleeding stopped, the fur, fangs, and claws retracted, his face contorted back to normal and William’s body settled.

Erec and Lamorak let go of his legs once the Duke went still and appeared normal. Seeing William out cold, Gareth eased his grip around William’s wrists, resting the Duke’s arms across his chest and taking his knee out of his neck. Bedivere stood, lifting his weight from the Duke. He pointed to his healed and visibly breathing torso. “You did it Percy, you saved him. He lives,” he turned for the blankets and draped them over the Duke.

Lamorak stepped over to Percy. “How did you know to do that?”

“My mother…she was a…Crafter—”

“A Crafter? You mean a witch?”

“A Crafter!” Percy yelled, reinforcing that his mother was not a witch, not to be confused with the likes of the evil Sisters Grimm. The army of new recruits gawked from a safe distance, all witnesses to the spectacle that just occurred. Percy returned his eyes to the moonstones in his hand. Memories drifted about in the background of his mind like the falling snowflakes. “She insisted on instructing me in the Craft: teaching me about herbs, plants, and the power of words for focusing intent. I did as I was told, but I never wanted any part of it. I wanted to be a Paladin—a valiant knight. She knew that. She knew I wanted to escape my life in the woods. I think she felt I wanted to escape her,” it felt as though chains pulled inside his chest. “Finally, she worked her Craft to know where King Uther would be traveling in the Wild Forest that day—the day she gained his attention for me,” his voice went soft, “the day I first met the faery Max.” His thumb stroked the moonstones, his eyes gazing through them into the past.

Lamorak let him stew in his conflictions of regret and reminiscence for only a moment. “Well, it would appear your instructions and memory have paid off.” He eyed the bundled Duke, looking not only completely healed, but human as well.

“I had to alter the chant,” Percy confessed in a problematic tone.

“What do you mean?” Lamorak asked. Bedivere, Gareth, and Erec moved in closer to hear.

“Gareth was right,” he looked to the youngest knight putting the stones back into the pouch. “The ritual,” he avoided the word spell purposely, “is meant to be performed during the full moon,” he handed the pouch back to Gareth. “My mother taught me about ceremonies and certain rites conducted during the various moon phases. This is a waning crescent moon,” he saw that all, except Gareth, appeared lost. He let out a dubious sigh. “I do not know that it will hold.”

Bedivere asked the question. “You believe his wounds may return and he will die?”

Percy shook his head in silence.

Lamorak understood Percy’s meaning. “You think he may turn back into that beast.”

Percy eyed the army of men looking on, the Duke swaddled in blankets, and his brother Templars that eyed him back. He turned his head up to the sickle hanging in the sky. “Let us hope not…for all our sakes.”

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  2. Have an author book signing

  3. Visit Alaska & The Vatican

  4. See the stars and planets from space

  5. See the Aurora Borealis

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