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It is with huge excitement and pride that I share with you the new cover for Dead Camp 4! Extasy Books has done an amazing job on this new book, which is coming soon! I will be making further announcements at the UK signing event, ShiMMer

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DEAD CAMP 4, 'The End Game part 1' EXCERPT

I awoke in my bed with a pounding headache. The drapes lay closed against the day, fingers of light crawling around the heavy material, God’s illumination foiled by velvet. “Gideon!” I sat up suddenly, his name exploding from my lips as the memory of the night’s horror filled my aching brain. “He is not here.” The voice came from the chair at the foot of my bed. Inspector Abberline sat with a cigarette clenched between his fingers. He sucked on the end, inhaled deeply, then exhaled loudly, a voluminous cloud of nicotine exploding from his mouth. He stubbed the cigarette out in a crystal ashtray he balanced on the arm of the chair. The ashtray was full. “Where is he?” “He dumped you here, then said something about finding a girl. I asked him if he was hungry.” I suddenly realised that I lay naked under the sheets, and for some reason, beneath his inquisitive gaze, it left me feeling vulnerable. “Did you take my clothes off?” “No, that was the actor chap, Malachi. He seems to have taken quite the shine to you.” Damn it, I just hated it when my toys became too attached to me. I would have to deal with him. I leapt out of bed, and as I rummaged through my wardrobe, Abberline watched with unflinching perceptiveness. “You know, when I was a child,” he said, lighting up another cigarette. “My father used to buy me Penny Dreadfuls. Every week, without fail, he brought me a new one. They fascinated me, those tales of the macabre, the supernatural, the impossible.” I pulled out a pair of tight leather trousers, Italian of course, and threw myself onto the bed as I began the struggle of pulling the tight garment over my muscular legs. Always a bastard to get on, but they felt so bloody good against my skin and moulded all my important bits in all the right places. Cock and ass. “One particular story that has always stayed in my mind, because it scared me so much as a young child, spoke of a creature that stalked London. Varney was his name, and he was a Vampire.” I was just squeezing my enormous balls into their leather prison when Abberline’s words stopped me in mid-tuck. I finished arranging my goods, tied the strings that would hold it all in place, then propped my head back against the huge padded headboard. Abberline did not break his gaze, but continued to drill his accusations into me. “Go on, Inspector.” “Do you know what frightened me the most about those stories? It was not the thought that this creature might break into my room one night and suck my blood, it was that I would awake, infected by the Vampires bite, to become a Vampire myself. It tormented me, that if such a thing should exist, then how many people might it bite? How many people, in turn, might be…oh, what’s the phrase…” “Sired?” “Sired, yes. Thank you. But then, this is a question that you may answer truthfully, is it not? For you are a Vampire, and that…companion of yours. I have seen many strange things this past evening Eli, impossible things…terrifying things, so please, do me the courteously of not lying to me.” “You saw with your own eyes the Vampire that dwells beneath my skin, my monster. We are Menarche, Inspector, original beings. The sun does not know my mortal form any more than I do, and so I am given the freedom of the day. But to sire another condemns them to everlasting darkness, for the sun recognises the mortal within and will burn away the Demon to release the soul. But if my children were to sire, so far from my bloodline would they be as to be nothing but shadows, consumed by blood lust, Feral beasts twisted out of all recognition.”

“So, what now? Do you want to feed on me?” In a spurt of exquisite movement, I was upon him, my knees on the arms of the chair, my nose brushing along the length of his neck, and my tongue tasting his flesh before the ashtray had the chance to hit the floor. “Is that what you want? For me to bite you? To taste you? Do you want me to suck you off, Inspector?” Something hard and cold pressed into the bare skin of my chest. One thing I will say about the Inspector, he had great big heavy brass balls. “I don’t know if this will work against you, but I’m guessing it would hurt like a bitch. Get the fuck off me and get on the bed.” I uncoiled from around him and slid backwards onto the bed, a seductive undulation of flesh and leather to tease the sweating man. “That’s what all the men say.” “What we saw last night—Morbius, Karl, Maria—it is beyond my understanding. I am a simple man, Eli, a family man, a man with a job to do, to keep the streets of my city safe for all those who dwell in it. For Queen and Country. I know nothing of monsters. I can’t really say that I know anything of God. What I do know is that these…whatever they are, constitute a threat. So, the question that comes to the fore is this, who is the greater monster? You, or them?” I ran my hand down the valley of my chest, along the hard ridges of my tight stomach. He kept the gun aimed squarely at my head, but his gaze did not falter. “I am a monster, Inspector. How, or why, I cannot tell you, for I do not know who or what I was before this life. Tell me, before last night, before you saw the truth behind my beauty, did you like me? As a man, I mean. Did you like me? Did you trust me?” “I fail to see what that has to do with anything.” “Oh, but it does. You see, if the answer is yes…and you must have liked me, or at least trusted me to accompany me to the church last night as you did…then that same man sits before you now. All you have seen is but another aspect of me, another side, but the man you followed into danger last night is the same. And you are pointing a gun at him.” I could almost hear the cogs turning in his head, his mortal mind grasping the truth of my words. He wanted to trust me. I could smell it on him, because there was not a whiff of fear about him. He dropped the gun into his lap and slammed his fist down on the arm of the chair. “Damn it! Thule. What the fuck are Thule, anyway? What in the name of God is going on in my city?” “It seems that we have stumbled upon a battle that has been going on beneath the surface of mortal perception since the dawn of time, my friend. This cult, these Thule, they are building their ranks so that they may spread across the world in search of religious relics. Relics they want to use to bring down God. And the Spear. Don’t forget the Spear.” “That’s all I need. London is filled with thieves and thugs as it is, without a shit load of occultists looking for some kind of religious knife!” “The Spear that pierced the side of Christ. Could such a thing exist? Could it actually kill God?” “After everything I have seen tonight, nothing would surprise me. And if that splinter he put in your hand can make you react the way you did, who bloody knows what the Spear could do. But the murder of Mary Ann Nichols, what has that got to do with it, where is the connection?” “And what was that ugly fucking thing hiding in her?” “Quite. I will take your word on that score.” I noticed that the sun around the curtains was beginning to fade. “How long have I been out?” “All day.” I threw myself into the wardrobe again, pulled out a crisp white shirt, and dressed, quickly. “Where are you going?” “To find a God.” “Then I’m coming with you.” “Not unless you want to get that tight little ass of yours pounded. I think I know where to find him—he more or less invited me to meet him there.” “The Damnation Club?” “Yes, DC.” “And what should I do?” “Go home, kiss your wife, play with your children, and pray that Gideon finds Annie Chapman before there is another death.”

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