Resistance Book 2 - Roguefalls Series

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Book 2 Resistance by April Kelley from The Roguefalls Series - Released June 30th

Blurb: Christian Martin had been in several battles in his life, but the one he has with his mate may just be the one that brings him to his knees. Christian has never had a serious relationship in his life. He doesn’t plan to start with an alpha wolf shifter who thinks he can dictate what Christian is and isn’t going to do. Ward Malone might trigger every warning bell Christian has, but he also triggers every sexual fantasy. Christian wouldn’t mind giving into Ward if fun was all he wanted. Unfortunately, Ward is an all or nothing kind of guy. Excerpt: Ward smelled Christian even before he saw him coming. His wolf immediate whined in his mind and then wanted to come out and play. Ward tamped down the urge, but he was suddenly looking through his wolf’s eyes and his teeth dropped down. He saw Christian’s wicked little grin through the screen door. When Christian came inside, Ward nearly swallowed his tongue. He put the knife he was using to cut onions down on the cutting board and came around the kitchen counter. He couldn’t help giving his mate the twice over. Gone was the black clothing that seemed to be the standard uniform for all Rogue soldiers. Ward wondered if the human Army’s soldiers wore black too and thought that maybe he’d ask Christian when he finished ravaging the man. Christian wore a t-shirt that hugged his wide shoulders and tapered down right along with his slender waist. The t-shirt had wide white and blue stripes that complimented Christian’s tan skin tone. The smile Christian gave Ward as he drew closer was genuine and not the one he usually plastered on his face to avoid all the hard discussions. Ward vowed to put that smile on Christian’s face more often. Christian came right to him as if Ward beckoned him forward or something. He grabbed the nape of Ward’s neck and pulled him down with no small amount of aggression. His lips pressed against Ward in a surprisingly gentle way, moving across his as if settling in and making a home. Ward circled Christian’s waist, pulling him closer. Gods, Ward wanted to take Christian home. He certainly wouldn’t mind getting all domestic with his mate. Of course, he still had to figure out the dynamics of that. At the very least, he needed to consult with the moms. They didn’t even know he found his mate. When Christian moaned against his lips, Ward pulled him even closer, running his hands along the expanse of Christian’s back. Ward wanted nothing more than to pick him up and carry him into the bedroom, but that defeated the purpose of the entire date they had planned. With getting to know Christian a bit better in mind, Ward broke the kiss. His breathing was heavy right along with Christian’s. Ward was just glad he wasn’t the only one affected, and the hard length against his thigh told him, more than even the panting breath against his cheek, that he wasn’t alone. “Hi.” Christian’s hand fell to his shoulder. “I swear I meant to say that first.”

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