Second Chances - Matchmakers Trilogy

*💕•.¸(*•.¸(´*•.¸(*•.Second Chances: by G.R. Gabriel Renee Lyons

📌Blurb Nineteen-year-old porn star Remy Dawes loves his job at Matchmakers, a gay nightclub, but the fantasy he portrays every night doesn't leave room for what he really wants: companionship, love, someone to come home to, someone just for him. Who would ever take seriously a kid who practically sells his body for others' pleasure? Thirty-five-year-old Chance Whitaker has sworn off dating younger men after having been cheated on one too many times, until the owner of Matchmakers convinces him to take a chance on Remy Dawes, a gorgeous kid who surprises Chance at every turn. As things fall apart through meddling, death, and betrayal, will there be a second chance for two people to find love?

📌Except REMY WENT backstage, trying to catch his breath. Dancing non-stop for an hour on the bar could be exhausting, but he loved every minute of it. Having all those men looking up at him, drooling over him, wanting him… He sighed. He loved it, but if he could have just one man drooling over him, wanting him, loving him, he'd be the happiest man in the world. Remy washed his feet for the third time that night, slipped on his shoes, pulled on a tank top so he wasn't wearing only his sinfully-tight stage briefs, and headed out to the floor. How stupid that he'd forgotten his water bottle at home. He crossed the club to the main bar – not the one he'd just been dancing on, but the longer one where a guy could enjoy a drink and a view from the sidelines – and caught Danny's eye. The boss was tending bar that night, as he often did, and flashed Remy a grin.

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