The Hard Boys Meet Dr Frankenseed

🔍The Hard Boys Meet Dr. Frankenseed (Case #2) By Ian Cadena Blurb: Mysteria is engulfed by power-outages and tumultuous weather. Ethan and Justin Hard must figure out what the cause is before the whole town is destroyed. But with the Hard boys' newly super-charged anatomies, they may very well be the culprits!

Excerpt: There was a nude male with a shaved head. One eye blue, one brown. His height was 6’3”. Staples ran along his body like a road map giving him the look of a tattered rag doll sewn together from years of use. Despite his cadaver visage, the staples that ran through him gave something of a rugged scarred handsomeness to the body. The thing that leapt out at the Hard boys was the penis. Well…the three penises! They varied in length, cut and shades. The center was the largest: uncut, pale and thick. The left: brown, uncut and 2nd largest. The right: olive, cut and the smallest of the three. Despite their varied length, none of them were under six inches. “He has three cocks!” Ethan shook his head. Surely, the sedative was still blurring his vision. “Ja, zree!” Dr. Frankenseed confirmed. “Frankie, couldn’t decide on cut, uncut, length. Unt most zose boys vere vell equipped. It just seemed a shame to toss zem. Besides, my boy vill vant to make up for lost time I’m sure,” he chuckled. “His nut sac is huge!” Justin had to comment. It looked like a softball between the thighs. A medusahead in the body’s groin. “Ja, zere are six testicles in zere. I vant to make sure Frankie gets zee full benefit…unt pleasure of all zose schnitzels.” “His face,” Ethan remarked because of the severe stitching around. The face looked like a jigsaw puzzle. Although handsome in its way, it did seem there would be a lot of scarring. “I had to combine several facial features to create something unique because…vell, vee don’t want some poor parent recognizing zeir dead boy walking around…zat would not be so good.” He motioned for Jake to get the body in position. “Vhile Jake preps zee body, I vill tell you about zis magnificent gizmo in zee middle of my lab,” he indicated the metal structure with dials and switches and that had been popping sounds left and right. It looked like an upside-down funnel. “In order to revive zee skin unt zee cells of zee body I needed to hit it vis a great amount of electricity. Zat of a lightnink bolt. It is almost impossible to recreate zat amount of energy in a laboratory. So, I have to harness zat lightnink bolt directly. Zis device serves two purposes: one, to harness zat energy—a collector. Zee second is to create zee conditions for the lightnink bolt. Zis, my two fine friends, is—to put it in layman’s terms—a veather creatink device. For many years, I have been conducting veather modification experiments to get zose lightnink bolts channeled right here into my lab. At zee beginning, my benefactors made arrangements to seed zee clouds for veather modding—as some call it. Now, vis zis new device, I have been able to beam lasers into zee clouds to create thunderstorms almost at vill.”

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