The Merprince's Pirate

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🏴‍☠️The Merprince's Pirate by Charlotte Anderson🏴‍☠️

Blurb: Rat has always been a boy of the streets, then a pirate. His life has been a string of misfortune and violence. But when a Merboy rescues him from certain death, Rat's world is change forever. Coralin, a Merprince, has been raised in the lap of luxury, destined to be king. He's been taught that humans are evil. But when he rescues a young boy from drowning, his world is turned upside down. He knew that someday he would find a mate, but he didn't expect him to be human, and he certainly expect him to be a pirate. Both boys come to care for each other, but are unprepared when fate throws them a curve ball, separating them for years. Coralin's underwater kingdom is thrown into political turmoil, waiting for him to spawn royal offspring, while Rat struggles to survive among a blood thirsty crew of pirates. Rat and Coralin are thrown into a world neither can imagine, after they fall in love when they find one another again. Coralin becomes torn between his obligation to his people and his love for Rat, forcing him to choose between love and duty.

Excerpt: “That’s okay. Tell me what it was like to grow up in Shell City.” Coralin smiled again. “Well, the water was always full of music from the chirping of mers and other creatures. Every morning I would have breakfast with my parents. My mom would sing me a song, then my lessons would begin. It was a wonderful time.” He stroked Coralin’s arm. “It sounds like you miss it.” Coralin looked off into the distance. “I do, and I don’t.” He looked sad, while he continued to stroke Coralin’s cheek. “It’s because of me that you can’t go home, isn’t it? It’s because of me that you’re separated from Ratersea and your palace.” Coralin held him close. “At first I missed it perhaps, but not now. I could never be happy in a place where you were not by my side.”

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