The Otter's Tale - A Paranormal's Love Series Book 20

*šŸ’•ā€¢.Āø(*ā€¢.Āø(Ā“*ā€¢.Āø(*ā€¢.Check out Charlie Richards Free Read Page on her website.*šŸ’•ā€¢.Āø(*ā€¢.Āø(Ā“*ā€¢.Āø(*ā€¢.

There are some great reads, Make yourself familiar with her work before her two releases this month.

First release is The Otter's Tale from A Paranormal's Love: Book Twenty, released 16th June and the second release is Return to Biker Lane from Kontra's Menagerie: Book Twenty-One.

Click on link below for Charlie's Free Read Page. http://www.charlie-richards.com/Free-Read-Links.html

Teaser from The Otter's Tale