Author Spotlight with Jo Tannah & Ann Mickan

We are so excited to announce we are doing a Dual Spotlight Today – It is my pleasure to Introduce Jo Tannah & Ann Mickan

Jo Tannah

I am a wife, mother and blogger by day, a writer by night. It can be

difficult to say the least but it is a challenge that keeps me on my toes. I grew up listening to folk tales my father and nannies told either to entertain us children or to send home a message. These narratives I kept with me and finally I wrote them down in a journal way back when I kept one. Going through junk led to a long forgotten box and in it was the journal. Reading over the stories of romance, science fiction and horror I had taken time to put to paper, brought to light that these were tales I never met in my readings.

The tales I write are fictional but all of them are based on what I grew up with and still dream about. That they have an M/M twist is simply for my pleasure. And I hope, yours as well.

First up we have Jo Tannah and we are showcasing her RISE OF THE SYMBIONTS Series.

ROYAL GUARDIAN - Book one (1)

Kallen has been away for two years to further his education. En route to his home planet, Oryon, his starship is attacked by unknown brigands. All fear the death of the heir to the kingdom, as well as those of his accompanying loyal guardians. With Bobik’s assistance, Lando Garr is the one man who can find and rescue Kallen. Not because he’s bound by duty as a Royal Guardian, but because the prince’s symbiont responds to no other but him. Both will stop at nothing to find Kallen. Losing him would mean Bobik’s death and Lando’s heartache.

When Kallen finished his spell, Lando felt a subtle change inside his head. At first he felt it question him, but he didn’t understand the words. He startled when a disembodied voice came from hidden speakers in the prince’s quarters.

“Greetings, controller Lando Garr. I am Tanis. How may I serve you?”

Lando’s grin nearly split his face. Impulsively, he turned to the smiling Kallen and wrapped his arms around the young man.

“Thank you. Thank you.”

As their bodies touched, Lando knew he’d overstepped his position. He held his breath, fearing his prince would re-ject him, but Kallen hugged him back, even held him tight for more than a minute, before finally letting him go with a last pat on his back.

Lando felt his face flush when Kallen caught his gaze and stared at him, his expression inscrutable. Finally, he blinked, breaking their connection. A hint of a smile curved on his lips, transforming his already handsome face into something beautiful. The glint in his eyes held something more than what Lando had always thought of as hero worship for him. Feelings of love for his prince almost made him choke, but he held a tight leash over the rush of emotions that swept through him.

“You’re welcome.”

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ROYAL CONSORT- Book two (2)

Royal Guardian Lando Garr was weakened by his extensive injuries in the service of his prince and faces boredom from a medically enforced bed rest. When the unexpected happens, Lando is forced to act to keep the royal family safe, but at great personal cost. Prince Kallen proves once more that his symbiotic relationship with the dragon Bobik is not only to his benefit but to his world’s. Faced with a difficult decision, Kallen realizes that he either accepts the inevitable or faces a lifetime without the man he loves by his side.

Hot lust ran up Lando’s spine when Kallen groaned deep in his throat, his arms encircling Lando’s torso. Lando was pulled closer when Kallen spread his legs wider, bringing their chests together. Their kiss deepened, Lando pushed his tongue into Kallen’s mouth, who opened his to eagerly suck on it. The action made both men squirm and move against each other, their hard cocks rubbing against each other. Be-fore long a damp heat was caused by their leaking precum under the thin clothing they wore.

Lando pulled Kallen with one arm down over the bed while the other pulled his thin pants off his hips. Kallen raised his hips off the bed, helping Lando push away the en-cumbering piece. Soon Lando pushed off his own clothing past his hips even as Kallen reached down to grab onto his cock and pull on it gently. Lando took in a harsh breath as he moved his mouth from Kallen’s. Using his knees, he pried Kallen’s legs to open wider even as he reached over for the oil they kept at their bedside.

They heard Bobik’s pleasured grumble from deep in their minds, and Lando welcomed the dragon’s presence. He’d missed Kallen over the months of separation. A desperate hunger rose in him, and he almost roughly pushed a finger in Kallen’s hole. Instead of protesting, Kallen moaned out in pleasure, his mouth gasping for breath as his eyes sought Lando’s.

Their eyes met, and they breathed in each other’s breaths. A second finger, and Kallen pushed impatiently against it. “I’ve been aching for you for months. I want you in me now.”

At the words, Lando moved and guided his cock into Kallen. A grimace of anticipation crossed his face before a huff of welcome when Lando, in a rough move, went all the way inside. Kallen shouted out in pleasure, and Lando ground his hips closer. Harsh breaths broke the silence of the room, and the sheets fell to the floor. Lando moved his hips over and above Kallen, who held onto him, encouraging him to move. To never stop.

“Don’t let go.”




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ROYAL SYMBIONTS - Book Three (3)

Things are not going according to Kallen’s plans. After rescuing the symbiont hatching ground from the dead planet of Nigul, Kallen and his Royal Consort, Lando Garr, thought they would finally gain the answers to unlock the mystery of their symbionts, Bobik and Dobik. Instead, they are faced with more questions and not a single answer.

Plans for their coming nuptials and coronation are pushed to the side when two technomage families disappear. What should have been a simple search and rescue mission reveals a betrayal so deep it threatens not only Kallen’s kingdom, but their entire galaxy. With a technomage war looming, it is incumbent upon Kallen, Lando, and their symbionts to defend the people of Oryon and ensure the survival of their kind.

It only took a moment for the pain to pass, and when Lando was fully inside Kallen, he cradled the back of Kallen’s head and began to kiss him feverishly. Kallen opened his mouth under the sweet assault, feeling as though he were boneless in Lando’s arms.

Lando moved, burying himself to the hilt in one smooth move, making Kallen jerk in response, pounding his head against the wall. Kallen couldn’t keep his eyes open, the sen-sations inside him making him almost delirious, feeling as his nerves were on fire. Kallen wrapped his legs tighter around Lando’s waist, riding him as his body was invaded. Lando’s hand gripped his ass more firmly as his other hand tangled in Kallen’s hair. Their mouths parted and they both began to gasp for air.

“Never let me go,” Kallen cried out to the ceiling.

With one last jerk of his hips, Lando thrust home one last time.

Kallen came hard, spurting under his robes, tightly cling-ing to Lando as he reached his own climax a few seconds later.

“As if I could.”


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Next up we are going to have a look at a collaboration between Jo (Author)& Ann (Editor)


When the hunter becomes the hunted, the only thing left to do is run.

Lieutenant Marcus Kildud and his men are rangers for hire. They specialize in insertion, extraction, escape and evasion. He answers an urgent request from the Planet Terrus’ Prelate, the Lord Fulsam, whose son has disappeared and presumed dead.

Their task is to find the ring the Prelate’s son wore. The promised compensation and bonus offered are enough to make this their team’s final mission.

What they meet in the forest is something none of them have ever encountered before. Marcus now faces the unimaginable. He realizes too late that sometimes, running away may be the only option left to staying alive.

Chapter One Day One 16:45:12 hours WITH A HISS of decompressing air and a metallic groan, the ramp began to slowly lower open.

Shafts of bright, white light pierced the dimness inside the cabin. Marcus flinched, brought his hand up and instinctively covered his eyes, then turned away from the natural brightness.

Having been cooped up in the star cruiser, even for just a few hours, had made his eyes too used to the artificial muted light.

A muffled thump and a blast of warm, moist air made him lower his hand, and he turned to look toward the opening. Through it he saw the color green. Marcus took a deep breath, taking in the moist, thick air, reminding himself for the hundredth time the reasons why he and his men were on this Goddess-forsaken planet.

After he picked up his carry on, he moved toward the exit. He did not bother to look behind him to check if his men followed

Stopping at the edge of the landing platform, he looked up and around him seeing no relief from the green. Everywhere stood massive, tall trees, thick shrubs, and even thicker ferns. He looked down when he felt his boot slide and saw that a thin layer of moss covered the path he stood on.

Taking careful steps so he wouldn’t slip, Marcus walked over to where three pale-skinned, red haired men, dressed in light gray robes stood watching him and his men, eyes wide and full of fear. The man in the middle, taller than his companions by about a foot, stepped forward. “Lieutenant Marcus Kildud?” His deep voice sounded hesitant yet curious at the same time. “Yes,” Marcus said with a sharp nod, looked down at the short man before him shifting nervously where he stood, his head barely reached Marcus’ shoulder. “Welcome to Terrus. My Lord Fulsam sent us to escort you to Castle Brock. He has been ill, otherwise he would have come to meet you himself. He’s been anxiously awaiting the arrival of you and your men since you sent confirmation you were coming in today.”

“And you are?”

“Oh, I apologize,” the man said as his skin reddened. “I am Aldin, Lord Fulsam’s personal secretary. The two men with me are my assistants, Fenton and Wesley. We all work for his lordship and his family. If you and your men would come with us, we have the transporters ready to take us back to the castle.” “Lead the way,” Marcus said, then flashed him a toothy grin. Aldin paled at the show of teeth, but bravely put on a smile then turned back to his two companions and joined them. The three looked at each other silently before turning around and leading the way along a paved path between a stand of trees. Marcus looked at his pathfinder as the taller man walked closer beside him. In his periphery, he saw his men move as one behind them—on silent feet for all their bulk and load. He wasn’t surprised to have seen the fear in the secretary’s face. His group of merry men never failed to put the fear of the Goddess into those who saw them for the first time. Their sizes and heights, plus the tattoos and weapons they displayed out in the open were impossible to ignore. It didn’t take long for them to finish loading their equipment and belongings into the three transporters, and soon they were on their way. Marcus was surprised that for all the greenery around them, the wide road they were travelling on was paved smooth. He observed how the road curved around growths and turned to look at Aldin, who had a look of amusement on his face.

“When my Lord’s family settled on this planet, they didn’t wish for the environment to suffer damage from industrialization,” he said by way of explanation. It sounded as if Aldin had read his mind. “The first lord made it illegal for any trees or natural habitats to be struck down to make way to roads and cities. As you’ve noticed,there are no straight roads on Terrus. Other structures are constructed much the same way.”

“Respect for the Goddess?” The question came from Bruga, the pathfinder. He was a tall, lean man who Marcus considered his best and most trusted friend. He was also the deadliest fighter in his group. “Yes. On Terrus, we respect all of the Goddess’ creations. Of course, if there is no other way around nature, we make sure to relocate it to a safer place.” “Isn’t that a bit expensive?” Someone sitting at the back said. Marcus turned to look at Carson, his weapons analyst.

“Money is irrelevant when it comes to respecting the Goddess’ creations,” Aldin said, almost serenely. Marcus wondered how much, or how deeply, religion played a role in the people’s culture. Listening in on the conversation around him, Marcus knew, from stock knowledge, that Aldin was far from exaggerating his planet’s economic wealth. Terrus was not only rich in vegetation and the governing body exporting a large percentage of their agricultural products to the far flung and less habitable planets in the solar system, it was also the galaxy’s sole source of sarit. The universally valued compound, when added to fuel, it increased its potency. When used as an additive for medicinal purposes, it cured almost every known physical disease. Only the Terrullians knew where it came from, or how they produced it. However, they never spoke of their secret to anyone. From what had been taught in schools all over the galaxy, the Terrullians would willingly sacrifice their very lives, even whole families, to keep the knowledge safe.

A hundred years before, an attack had been unleashed on Terrus by a militant race desperate to gain the information for their own financial gain. Not only had the Terrullians successfully defended themselves by using their advanced armaments, they had also withheld production of sarit. The lack of supply caused the deaths of thousands until eventually other worlds rose up as one and defended Terrus. The result was the merciless annihilation of the attackers. Since then, the Terrullians had been both feared and respected throughout the known universe. And through unspoken agreements, they were left alone. Again, Marcus wondered why the Prelate, Lord Fulsam, needed their services. They were nothing but rangers for hire who specialized in insertion, extraction, escape and evasion. The briefing provided to them did not reveal anything critical that would warrant emergency action. All the information included focused only on Terrus’ historical background and the staggering amount their team was to receive as compensation. Once Marcus replied to the private query message, an advance payment was immediately sent to his bank account with a promise of the balance to be paid in full once they set foot on the planet. At the end of his assignment, Marcus and his men had been promised that they’d receive a generous bonus. The amount mentioned was large enough to surprise Marcus, for it had more zeroes in it than the fingers on both of his hands. Listening to Aldin answer his men’s questions, Marcus looked outside the transporter’s window and an unexpected, unwelcome, sense of trepidation washed over him. There was nothing out there but greenery and wilderness. The shadows of the forest beyond the roads revealed nothing but mystery and unknown danger. What had he gotten himself and his men into?

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Okay, Wow! Looks like Jo has been a very busy girl. I hope you have enjoyed this showcase of Jo Tannah's series Rise of the Symbionts. It has been a lot of fun presenting it.

Ann Mickan

Raised to value well-crafted words, whether in letters, in books, or song lyrics, I guess it’s little wonder that I eventually stumbled onto my new path. After working in a variety of administrative and educational support roles until my children finished their schooling, our family was met the challenge of relocating to the country in search of post-school support services for our son with disabilities. As it turns out, this move sparked a massive transformation for us all. Through my isolation from family, friends, and the business of work, I reconnected with my love of reading; this quickly became an obsession. A chance meeting with a young self-published author at a book-signing for an international author sparked a conversation which has lead me to the place I am now… that of writing my own stories and using my passion for the written word to help other authors to edit their stories ready for publication. I appreciate the constructive opinions of those who allow me into their lives by reading my words, and I am constantly humbled by the faith and trust displayed by the authors who leave their words in my care.

Now we are going to take a look at Ann Mickan's Books


Lyndall Shaw had grown up in a house devoid of love, with parents who never appreciated her and seemed hell-bent on self-destruction. After pushing herself to succeed at school and in further studies, while working to support her dysfunctional family, she gets a series of lucky breaks and is able to escape that life. As she embarks on her new life, a whirlwind romance with a handsome and enigmatic businessman threatens to destroy not only her new life but her psychological well-being. Can she find her inner-strength again and learn to trust a new man, one who is willing to stand by her as she battles the demons of her broken past and help her to build a new future? Can she trust him enough to open her heart to love again? Will she allow him to help her heal and live a happy loved future?

DO YOU KNOW what’s worse than forgetting something and wishing that you could remember what it was? Remembering, that’s what… remembering, and then wishing with every fibre of your being that you could forget, because the remembering may just shatter you permanently into a million pieces.

I don’t know how long I had stayed hidden in my safe black oblivion, but as the world around me started to filter back through my defences I was determined to follow the images, and put the pieces of my memories together in an attempt to understand what had happened to me and why I was here.

Slowly pulling in a deep breath, I willed myself to remain outwardly calm as memories came flooding back to me; assaulting me, not only with images but with an emotional ride which threatened to weaken my resolve to remain silent. Some scenes were old memories which included less than happy times with my parents, bringing to the surface feelings of abandonment and resentment. Others were poignant and sweet, filled with the moments in which I fell completely in love with the most charismatically gorgeous man on the planet; an instant and all-consuming grande passion which had totally swept me off my feet and away from reality. The final sequence of memories stole my breath away and lodged a lump in my throat and a vice-like grip around my heart. As the searing pain of rejection coursed through me like a bushfire, I relived the moments when the man whom I believed would be by my side, loving me and protecting me for the rest of my life, cast me aside and simply walked away.

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Claire and Brayden had been together since the first day they had seen each other in high school. The first day of Year 9 had seen them placed in many of the same classes, and drawn together by an instant spark of attraction. By the end of that first week they had become inseparable—whether between classes, lunch breaks, or to and from the bus stop—everyone at school knew they were together. Brayden was on the swim team, and whether it was practice sessions, or inter-school meets, Claire was always there; his number one fan and loudest cheerleader. The same went for Claire’s netball – Brayden was there so often that he became the team’s unofficial mascot and good luck charm. It was no surprise when they were voted the ‘Most Popular Couple’ at their Senior Formal, or when their yearbook pronounced them to be ‘the couple most likely to be together forever.’ They were the town’s ‘Golden Couple’ and everything in their joint life was going perfectly according to their plans for a golden future. But, you know what they say about things when they feel good…

Up until that moment I’d never really noticed particular girls before. I mean, sure, some of them were a little prettier than others, I guess, but this was something I couldn’t explain. I felt like something inside my chest clicked into place, sort of switched something on that I hadn’t even known had been switched off before. There weren’t shafts of light, but her long blonde hair did shine, and there weren’t any singing angels, although her voice did sound different from the girls around her—what there was, was a feeling deep inside me that everything was now right in my new world.

While I tried to figure all that out I noticed that the girls had stopped speaking, and one by one, their eyes turned towards me. Finally, the girl with the long blonde hair turned her head and looked over her shoulder, her blue eyes immediately locking onto mine, and as my breath caught in my throat I saw her gasp.

As quickly as that had all happened, we looked away from each other and awkwardly shifted our positions, and the three girls in her group began to giggle.

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1. I’d like to see my children happy, settled, and cared for.

2. I’d like two small homes – one in a small country town, the other in a small coastal community – only proviso would be that they have reliable internet service.

3. I rather like the idea of one day having someone to do the household chores that seem to build up while I’m lost in my own world at the computer.

4. I would love to see one of my books in a store, and not just because I’d carried it in in my handbag.

5. It would be nice to have sufficient means that if I wanted to travel it would be possible. I’m thinking somewhere obscure, and of no interest to terrorists, like Norfolk Island would be a good place to go.

Now we are going to take a sneak peak at Jo and Ann's up and coming co-author book. Extasy Books have put out a fabulous book of short stories for the Summer. Jo and Ann's book The Lemonade Stand will be the beginning point into their new series Boys Next Door.

Who'd have thought that when life hands you lemonade, it would taste, oh, so sweet?

Coming this July 20th!

The Lemonade Stand, co-authored by Jo Tannah & Ann Mickan, is part of the EXtasy Books July Sizzling Summer Shorts. One new short story from a different author every day in July!

Being home for the summer wasn’t something Ian Hamilton had planned on Michael Alexander had moved back six months ago.One summer day, Michael gets home exhausted, only to find a Lemonade Stand set up on the curb of his driveway.Surprised to find a gorgeous young man who gives him a glass of lemonade and a flirty smile

Even better news, eXtasy Books is having a sale!!!

Watch both Jo Tannah's and Ann Mickan's FB Pages for the buy links on the 20th July 2017.

Well Peeps that's about it for this Spotlight. It has been an absolute pleasure introducing you to Jo and Ann, both very talented ladies.

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