A Bodyguard In Jail by Ann Raina

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The Secretary's Bodyguard ​Ethan asks his wife Jazmin to travel with him to Columbia while he is on a mission to protect the Secretary of State. Their trip soon turns disastrous and life-threatening. They are stranded in the Columbia woods with poisonous snakes and bugs, along with terrorist! They have no clue if they will make it out of there alive... This story is action packed from start to finish. Ethan is a strong man and his wife Jazmin is just as fierce. From the beginning you can tell they have are so in love. The author did a great job showing this couple as already established. They soon find their lives in danger. Ethan assumes that the Secretary of state is in danger and terrorist want him dead. However, they discover that Ethan is the target and since he has many enemies from his former CIA career the twist becomes a mystery. Every character is a surprise and you either love/hate them. This was a love story between Ethan and Jazmin, yet it was so full of adventure, mistrust, and danger made it such a hit for more. That's why I gave The Secretary's Bodyguard 5 stars!

Accused of murder, Ryan Griffith fights to survive in a Peruvian jail while Ethan and Jazmin try to find the true killer. Will they be on time to exonerate him? Enchanted by a summer love with the prospect of an extraordinary vacation, Ryan Griffith is thrown back to harsh reality when he gets accused of murdering the newly elected mayor of Lima and imprisoned with no chance of getting free. All his efforts to stay out of trouble fail, and he’s forced to serve the jail’s gang leader. Ethan and Jazmin find out that more parties are interested in keeping their best friend as a scapegoat in prison, and it’s their task to find evidence to prove his innocence.


At that moment, Ryan set his eyes on a flaming redhead. Her wavy hair reached to her shoulders, framing an oval face. He could tell the color was artificial, but the look suited her well, giving her the aura of a gypsy. Her face was carefully made up, the dark brown eyes large and expressive. She took a stack of plates and put them on the table, which was already decorated with napkins. When she was done, she gave him the eye, telling him by a nod to meet her at the long table set with glasses and an assortment of drinks. When Ryan walked over, Nico was still at his side. “May I introduce—that’s my elder sister, Sara. And this is the man who was there at the right moment.” “I noticed.” She curled her lips into a mocking smile. Her lipstick matched the color of her hair. “Hmm, I’m not what you expected,” she said in English, glancing at her brother, who rolled his eyes. “You thought I’d be Nico in female form, I suppose?” “I don’t know what I expected.” He realized Nico had been called and was going to help his mother. “So I’m not your type.” Sara said it matter-of-factly. “Hell, I just met you!” “Your look said—” “My look said, hey, a redhead!” “Do you like redheads?” Ryan’s reply was a sexy grin. “Gimme a chance, and I’ll tell you.” “I’m good at chances.” Sara cocked her head, twitching her brows invitingly. “Can I get you a drink?”

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