Ganymede Rising by Matthew Angelo

💕•.¸(•.¸(´*•.¸(•.¸¸.•´)¸.•*´)¸.•*´)¸.NOW AVAILABLE •(¸.•*(¸.•*(¸.•* •*(¸.•*(¸.💕 Matthew Angelo's new Series THE NAAGRUS SAGA SCIFI ROMANCE SERIES. Book 1 GANYMEDE RISING

📝Logline: Falling in love with the enemy can be as dangerous as space itself.

Jonah Kravec and Kristina Fallon are enemies, on the opposite sides of the law. When a mission seeks and fails to rescue Jonah, Kristina finds herself a hostage in the arms of a strong and handsome rebel leader. As Jonah escapes and takes Kristina with him, they must survive a brutal and wild planet, along with the truth of themselves. As their ship flies them to unknown danger, they find that the expanses of space, the fascist Omega Alliance, and the forbidden Quarantine Zone are the least of the dangers they are in. Their only salvation and biggest danger is falling in love.

She didn’t know which guard had spoken since she couldn’t see them, but at least someone had responded. Kristina picked herself off the floor and waited patiently either for the power to come back on, or for her vertigo to stop, whichever came first. Her head swam due to the rocking of the ship. The rebellion had the nerve to attack an Omega Alliance ship in this sector, she thought. Looking around, all she saw was the light from the stars outside the small window at the far end of the interrogation room where Jonah had been held. Occasionally she saw a blast of light, followed by a screech of noise as the Servus’ plasma cannons opened fire on the rebel attack force. A thud reached her ear, along with a grunt. Someone hit the floor hard, and due to the amount of sound they made, she guessed it was one of the guards. That meant that Jonah was free and that the power for all the security systems was down, meaning the other prisoners would be free as well. That could be a big problem for the ship.

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