Hi Stakes by Val Francis

(´*•.¸(•.¸¸.•´)¸.•*´)¸.•*´)¸.•*Have you read Val Francis's HI STAKES yet? If not I highly recommend you go and grab a copy now!

While the cat’s away…Charlie’s bet a cool grand his boy wouldn’t play. A friendly card game, an off-the-cuff boast about his boyfriend, and Charlie creates his worst nightmare. Off overseas for six months, he brags that Mac will be completely faithful. When his best friend Braden voices his skepticism, Charlie has no choice but to put his money where his mouth is. But how do you prove that a guy’s been unfaithful? Braden knows how…he’ll seduce Mac to win the bet. Unfortunately for Charlie, Braden is a top shelf, successful advertising executive who’s used to winning and to cap it all, he also happens to be one hell of a promiscuous bastard.

Imagining what Brad looked like, stripped of all his designer gear—stark-naked—Mackenzie felt his pulse race. His imagination had the man stretched out on the bed, hands cuffed to the corners of the headboard, feet trussed, body exposed, spread-eagled—vulnerable—captive to whatever Mackenzie’s fantasies demanded. Imagining what came next proved incredibly easy. Fantasising his mouth exploring Brad’s body had him so hard that his erection ached its need for release. Immediately, his excitement demanded more and in his mind, seeing his tongue licking, sucking and caressing the naked flesh, answered the call. The feel of the rough tongue against hard perfection as he explored, its tip dipping into dark, hot cavities, his lungs inhaling the musky scents—Mackenzie slammed his back against the tiles and gave out a throaty groan.

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