Author Spotlight with Jenna Galicki

Today we have Jenna Galicki in for our Author Spotlight. We are going to highlight her Bulletproof Series. As Book 4 has now gone live!

Starting with Book one - Undercover Rockstar

A spur-of-the-moment vacation was supposed to jolt Cameron Douglas out of his funk, but it appears he only traded locations. It was a chance meeting with a handsome stranger that changed everything. Brandon stirs Cameron's interest and his heart, but will the mysterious man reveal his true identity before their vacation in paradise is over?

Sometimes life in the spotlight was a heavy weight to bear for Brandon Bullet. He never knew if men were interested in him as a person or just enamored with his rock star status – until he meets Cameron Douglas. It wasn't often that Brandon shared a connection with someone who wasn't aware of his notoriety. He's determined to keep his identity a secret while the two of them get to know each other and before someone blows his cover.

Brandon tugged Cam’s shirt over his head and threw it to the floor, revealing a well-defined chest and lean torso. Cam responded by pulling Brandon’s shorts down so they fell to his ankles. It was another act of defiance, and he met Cam’s stare with an erotic smile. “Are you going to try to take the upper hand all night, Mr. Douglas?”

Cam flattened Brandon against the wall and pressed his full weight against him. “I always take the upper hand.”

A hot jolt of electricity soared through Brandon’s body. He wasn’t used to such aggression, and it revved his testosterone level into high gear. He stepped out of his shorts, which were still pooled around his ankles, and spun Cam around so their positions were reversed and pinned Cam’s hands above his head. “We may just have to fight it out for the top.”

“I’m always on top.” There was playful defiance in Cam’s eyes. “Do you think you can make me submit?”

Brandon’s blood pumped harder in his chest. His previous lovers were entirely too easy to dominate.


"There is no other author known to me who describes concerts so powerful, so vivid, that you get the feeling you are truly listening to the band's - in this case Bulletproof's - music." - Amazon Reader

"This book is packed full of sexy, hotness! . . . And let me tell you Brandon and Cameron are to dominant, sexy men!!" - Alpha Book Club "They have an incredibly, incredibly intense off-the-charts chemistry. Phew! Two alpha males wrestling for the upper hand. Steamy. Hot. Passionate. Wow." - Amazon Reader

"The sex is off the charts HOT!"- Alphas Do It Better Book Blog "The chemistry between Cam and Brandon can be felt through the pages. It was instant and it was intense." - Jodie's W.I.N.E List "The fight for dominance was freaking HELLA HOT! I need more Cam and Brandon in my world! " - Amazon Reader

"Cameron and Brandon have insane chemistry, together they're explosive!" - Amazon Reader

“Jenna Galicki is my new favorite author for MM steamy music romances!” - Amazon Reader

"Jenna's flawless writing style can be found in this M/M Romance." - Kara Loves Books "Cameron and Brandon were so different in just about everything, but they fit so well together." - Bayou Book Junkie "I love reading this authors books. It doesn't matter if it is MM, MMF, or MF, I just love the style of her writing. I also love how she makes her characters so likable and so vulnerable but willing to risk it for love." - Twinsie Talk

Branded, Bulletproof Book 2

Two dominant men – one a worldly rock star, the other a hotshot corporate executive – steam up the pages as they battle their difference in personalities in this opposites attract, testosterone-charged rock star romance.

It was a chance meeting in paradise that caused them to cross paths. Destiny brought them together.

These two alpha males met with the force of a head-on collision. Sirens went off and lit up their hearts faster than a flash fire. But now that they’re living in the real world, everything isn’t as easy as anticipated. Other than their strong-willed and dominant personalities, they couldn’t be more opposite.

As the front man for a world-famous heavy metal band, Brandon Bullet lives in the spotlight. He thrives on the attention of his fans and the wild parties that all rock stars are accustomed to.

The free-spirited attitude and uninhibited lifestyle that is so natural to Brandon totally contradicts with Cameron Douglas’ anal-retentive and structured mindset. Spurred on by a thirst for adventure, Cameron is ready to leave behind his sedate, low-key life, but he’s unprepared for the rock star’s world of free sex, drugs, and non-stop parties.

Concessions aren’t always easy when thrust into a new relationship, especially with two headstrong men who constantly challenge one another. Add time apart from Bulletproof’s promotional tour, and it’s another layer of adjustment to contend with that just may push this newly-united couple too far.

Cam gave the dog one last pat on the back, then turned his gaze on Brandon. He walked through the long entry hall with a swagger, which is why Brandon remained a good 10 feet away. He pretended it was because he didn’t want to get knocked over by a rambunctious 90-pound Lab, but he really wanted to see Cam’s long legs stride down the hall in that fucking hot as hell business suit. Tonight’s ensemble was navy blue with a lavender tie, which Cam had already loosened, and the top button of his shirt was open. As Cam sauntered closer, Brandon’s eyes kept falling to that sweet spot at the center of Cam’s throat that was peeking out of his shirt collar.

Cam gave Brandon the standard greeting – a rough set of hands holding Brandon’s face still while a thick, hungry tongue told him how much he was missed all day, but Brandon’s thoughts were on Cam’s neck. He grabbed hold of Cam’s wrists and pulled them lower. Cam thought it meant Brandon wanted to be groped, but he just wanted to suck the soft flesh of Cam’s throat.

The moan that echoed in the hallway was a mixture of both Brandon and Cam’s voices, which spun together like a harmonized melody.

“Was this my surprise?” Cam asked in wispy voice. “Because I’m not surprised at all that you have this effect on me.”


Bassist With Benefits, Bulletproof Book 3

A friends to lovers rock star romance. This book is a standalone

Bandmates and best friends since they were teens, Jeremy Kagan and Alan Delgado share everything – including men. But their brotherly bond was shattered during one incident of mistaken identity in a darkened bedroom when a line was crossed. With boundaries broken and the line of friendship blurred, they struggle to move forward.

For Jeremy, that night was a dream come true. He had been in love with Alan for a decade but had been too afraid to bare his heart and reveal his true feelings. Now that the opportunity has presented itself, he’s ready to seize the moment. This is his one chance to be with the only man he’s ever loved.

Alan, on the other hand, isn’t dealing with the incident so well. A lot of monumental achievements have occurred in his life, but none were as life altering as a single erotic encounter with his best friend. The usual fun-loving camaraderie he and Jeremy had always shared is now awkward and uncomfortable.

Unable to shed the memory of their rendezvous, Alan starts to look at Jeremy in a new light. Transitioning from bromance to romance isn't as easy as expected, especially since Alan isn’t ready to share their newfound bond with anyone else. Stress from keeping their relationship a secret turns explosive as these two battle their passion in private. Now they need to figure out if it’s worth risking everything, including their friendship, in order to pursue a future together as a couple.

Jeremy started to laugh. Softly at first, then so hard he doubled over and tears seeped from the corners of his eyes. He needed to hang onto Alan’s arm, as hard as Alan was hanging onto him, so he didn’t fall over. Their laughter slowed, with intermitted bouts of cackling. As they each wiped their eyes, they glanced at one another and it suddenly turned serious. Their lips straightened, no longer curled into even the tiniest of smiles, and their posture stiffened. Their eyes bore into one another, each reading so much more than friendship. It was there. That little spark they shared was as bright as the blazing sun. Jeremy had longed to see it for so many years. He often imagined it. He swore once or twice that he saw a shadow of a glimmer in those beautiful silver eyes, but not today. The spark they shared right at this moment could have started a forest fire. It was finally real, and it made the hair on Jeremy’s arms stand on end. A flutter rose from his belly and danced around his chest. His breath caught. He was frozen in place. The only thing he could do was stare back at the man he loved and wanted . . . for so God damn long.

"A true friends to band mates to lovers story from the Queen of M/M romance." - Kara's Books

“Reading all three books in a week I think Jenna Galicki is now one of my favourite authors of 2017.” - Amo & Sarah's Book Corner

“Everything I would want out of a M/M novel and more!!! … it was a really fresh take on a rock star romance” - Steph's Rom Book Talk

There was an incredible rush and energy in Jeremy and Alan's story that was mesmorising and hooked me in completely. The chemistry between them was off the charts both on and off the stage. Well worth the read. – LMB Book Blog

“If you’re a fan of friends to lovers or rockstar romance, this one is definitely a must-read…and if you’re a fan of both, you’re going to get the best of both worlds.” – Making it Happen Blog

They are all so down to earth, full of sin, loyalty, hilarious and so full of love your heart is going to explode! Just an amazing beautiful story all around. – SouthernBBB

Jenna has written the perfect relationship with tension drama love sex between Jeremy and Alan. – Sharing the Book Love

“the action was nonstop from page one and a total page turner. If you like rock star romance, this book is right up your alley.” – Amazon Reader

“Bassist with Benefits is now my favorite Jenna Galicki book. I absolutely loved it. I couldn't get enough” – Amazon Reader

“Witty and sexy the Bulletproof guys are one of my favorite fictional rock bands.” – Amazon Reader

“Jenna Galicki sure didn’t disappoint either—there’s heat, angst, tension, excitement and plenty of drama to be found…along with some real feelings and emotion that the characters are not sure what to do with.” – Making it Happen Blog


BULLETPROOF, Bulletproof Book 4

Derek has finally met his match!

Derek MacAlister, the wild one. Known for dancing on table tops, partying too hard and possessing a never-ending thirst for excitement. With his bandmates now settled in committed relationships, he’s the last man standing. The only problem is that he wants to party all night long, but his best friends are content to stay at home. Enter Travis Fontana, a bad boy with a reputation for trouble, and Derek has his partner in crime.

Travis Fontana just scored the gig of a lifetime opening for the nation’s top heavy metal band. He’s a rebel who thrives on pushing the limits of a good time and Bulletproof’s sexy long-haired guitarist, Derek MacAlister, is right by his side to share the fun. Together, they’re double trouble.

But all is not as it seems. Underneath the painted-on smile and carefree exterior that Travis shows the world lies a tortured soul with a dark past. Little by little, Travis lets Derek see a side of him that no one else knows. Derek, unused to the unfiltered raw honesty that Travis shares, finds that he wants to take care of this troubled, vulnerable man and turns out to be Travis’ rock in times of crisis.

When the pressures of new-found fame begin to overwhelm Travis, he quickly starts to unravel. Pushed to the breaking point, it becomes clear that even Derek can’t save him. Travis needs to save himself.

Derek felt so fucking helpless. His heart bled for the torment in Travis’ face and the anguish in his voice, and again, his mind went back to others in the music industry who got swallowed up by the madness. Those who didn’t reach out for help and let the demons devour them. He wouldn’t let that happen to Travis. “I’ll help you, Travis. I’m here. Let me help you.”

Travis looked deeply into Derek’s eye, a glimmer of hope shining some light into the darkness that lived in his soul. “Are you gonna save me, Derek MacAlister?”

“I’m sure gonna fucking try.”


Jenna Galicki writes in multiple genres including m/m/f, m/f, and m/m. The Prince of Punk Rock (Radical Rock Stars Book 1) was a finalist in the 2015 Bisexual Book Awards.

A native New Yorker, she now resides in Southern California. She's a Rottweiler enthusiast and an avid music buff. When she's not hunched over a computer, you can find her front row at a rock concert

Thank you so much for joining us Jenna it's been great and Happy Release day for Bulletproof Book 4