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Book Title: The Rescuer (2nd Edition)

Author: Eric Huffbind

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Jennifer Craig

Genre/s: Contemporary Gay Male Romance.

Length: 59,000 words/212 paperback pages


Christopher’s striking green eyes and handsome good looks didn't buy him happiness, but he learned to survive off of them to maintain his expensive lifestyle. Now, after he has nearly destroyed himself, he's in the fight for his life...

A Contemporary Gay Male Romance - Newly Released 2nd Edition

When Christopher Parker checks himself into the Watermeadow Rehabilitation Center, he was frightened for his future and what was to become of him. Haunted from his past, he knows that he has to take this step in his recovery or face his likely death as the alternative. He never expected to find his social worker, Jason Calhoun, incredibly attractive. Christopher dreams of finding a man to love and who will treat him with decency. Although Jason does fit the bill, he knows that this relationship is strictly professional. Completely out of reach for a failure like himself.

Jason, who is a hopeless romantic, is in the endless pursuit of Prince Charming. Always unlucky in love but finds solace in the care of his patients. He loves being needed and having patients that depend on him. Jason comes to realize that the guys he dates always need to be rescued, much like his patients. A strategy that he's learning is a poor choice.

Jason discovers that Christopher has become tangled up with a famed billionaire. As a billionaire, he can afford anything he wants, which seems to include even the ability to buy true love. Suddenly, he fears that everything he has worked so hard for, both romance and career, is being threatened by his new nemesis.

If you enjoy stories that pull you in and have you caring about the characters and what happens to them, then this is the book for you. It promises to have you laughing, crying, & smiling!

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Feeling a set of lips gently pressing on his forehead, Christopher woke up to someone kissing him. He found a strange man gazing down on him; his eyes weren’t quite in focus yet.

“How are you feeling?” asked the stranger.

Christopher suddenly sprang up from the bed recognizing in a split second whose voice it was. “Sam! What the fuck are you doing here?” Eyes now focusing at one-hundred percent.

“I was just checking in on you. I wanted to know how you were feeling? Can’t a friend pay a visit?”

It was Samuel Barron or “Sam” as his cohorts called him. He was a powerful CEO of one of the nation’s top five-hundred corporations, namely Viatone. They were makers of pharmaceuticals. In the years Christopher had known Sam, Viatone had grown to a five-hundred-billion-dollar company.

Sam was a bit more than just a CEO of a huge corporation. At one time, he was one of the nation’s most eligible bachelors—a gorgeous hunk of a man to feast your eyes upon, despite his advancing years. His looks held up like a fine bottle of wine. Women all over the country would swoon over every magazine photo, television news spot, and social media post. And it wasn’t just the women. Every gay man’s dick would jump into action each time they saw an image of this man; Christopher had been among that crowd.

Mr. Barron exuded pure charisma everywhere he went and in everything he touched. He'd been one of the nation’s most eligible bachelors. However, that status changed five years ago, when he married Patsy Rossmiller.

“You're no friend!” Christopher shouted back in his most snide and angry voice. “And you're not welcome here, you motherfucking son-of-a-bitch! Get the fuck out of my room! Better yet, get the hell out of my life!” He made no attempt to hide his feelings. Clearly, he was overwhelmed with upset; downright hostile and belligerent.

“Sweetheart, I've been worried sick about you,” Sam said.

“I'm not your sweetheart. Not now—not ever,” Christopher shouted with increasing volume. “You’re not worried about me—you selfish asshole. You’re concerned about your reputation. What would this country think of you if they knew the truth? The country—hell, what would the world think if they found out. That’s all you care about. That’s all you ever cared about.”

“Look, you’re not the only one who's in a position of power, and you know it!” The bastard CEO snarled back.

That was one comment Christopher did not want to hear, and it was the last straw. He couldn’t take the presence of this man, not a single second more. He burst into tears yet again all the while he screamed as loud as he could.

“Get out! Get out! Get out! Get out!” Over and over, he yelled with increasing intensity. In no time at all, the third-floor staff came racing into Christopher’s room; including Jason. Nurse Judy immediately saw the presence of Sam Barron, as did everyone else. She didn’t have the slightest idea what was upsetting her patient to result in such a tumultuous reaction. Looking directly at the unwanted visitor, she calmly said, “Mr. Barron, I think you had better leave.”

It wasn’t as if she or anyone needed to be introduced to this man. Who wouldn’t recognize him? Sam Barron’s notoriety spread everywhere, particularly in the healthcare community. But what the fuck is this man doing in Christopher Parker’s room at Watermeadow of all places was crawling through Jason’s head. He just couldn’t understand what their connection would be.

Mr. Barron knew he was outnumbered, so he nodded graciously and left as instructed. Christopher shouted after him, “And don’t come back—ever! I never want to see you again!”

He now dissolved into a puddle of tears. Eying Jason from across the room, Christopher ran over and flung his arms around the man, weeping uncontrollably; desperately needing to be in the arms of a friend. And although his new case manager wasn’t precisely a friend, he somehow knew he wouldn’t be rejected. His weight, having grabbed Jason so suddenly, pulled them both tumbling to the floor.

Trying to calm him down with a soft, “shhhhhh, listen to me, if you don’t want Mr. Barron coming back again, I can have him barred from the facility, at least while you’re staying with us.” The loud sobbing continued on Jason’s shoulder. “Would you like that?”

Christopher replied in a faint whisper, “Yes, please.”

Holding onto him tightly, he delivered a telling nod over to Judy. It was evident Christopher was overpowered with anger and anxiety that even the Ativan couldn’t assist with. In a complete state of bewilderment, she indicated she would call security at once, preventing the return of this apparent nemesis. Jason was also just as bewildered as he looked over towards her. Despite Sam Barron’s status in this world, he'd be damned if the man would interfere with a patient’s recovery. He was a tremendous advocate where his patients were concerned. “You just cry as much as you need to.”

Christopher tightened his grip around him even more while continuing to soak Jason’s dress shirt with tears. But Jason didn’t mind being clutched so tightly. It made him feel whole inside; that his life had meaning and purpose. It’s what he was good at—being there for others when they needed him. He treasured being needed; he always did.

After ten minutes of constant sobbing, Christopher finally calmed down. The ongoing sniveling had quelled. Jason eased him off the floor and back into bed. “Lie down and rest for a while. Are you feeling better now?” He received a nod back that indicated a positive answer. So, Jason brought Christopher’s feet up onto the bed and pulled the blanket across him. In his experience, a huge crying jag was exhausting.

Jason shut off the lights in the room and closed the door as he exited. He had a stack of paperwork sitting in his office, which needed his attention. One thing was certain in his mind, there weren’t going to be any elves coming around to take care of it for him.

Questions for Eric Huffbind

Can you share with us a typical day in the life of Eric Huffbind?

My daily life is not terribly exciting I’m afraid. I’m usually up around 7:00 in the morning to take care of making breakfast and medicating my twenty-two-year old autistic son. In addition to autism, he suffers with epilepsy, suffering from the most intense grand mal seizures imaginable. Thank God for modern medicine, as he went from twenty-plus seizures a month to zero. Still, he may have a seizure once in three or four months. I have a care giver who comes early in the morning to help him get cleaned up for the day. My son’s morning care giver is an absolute saviour. My dog, Linus, needs his daily medications as well, and then my husband Paul takes him for his morning walk. After the dog walk, I’ll kiss my husband, a music librarian, goodbye for the day. The rest of the day could be spent writing and/or book marketing. Or I could spend much of my day being an Uber driver. I have an eighty-seven-year-old mother that periodically needs to be driven to doctor’s appointments. Towards the end of the day I will cook and prepare dinner. Cooking is definitely one of my greatest talents. Then I’ll relax watching some television. I’m a huge CNN junkie. Then I’m off to bed.

Name something you are embarrassed about that you like?

Being perfectly honest, as a gay man, I’ve learned not to be embarrassed by anything I like. I make absolutely no excuses for loving romantic chick flicks or being able to knit and crochet. Before I came out many years ago, I may have been embarrassed about any of that. But once you learn to hold your head up high and have complete and total acceptance of your self, embarrassment goes out the door.

What would you like to say to your readers?

Please tell your friends and family about my book! Now, to an extent, I say this tongue-in-cheek. Still, as a new author, book sales are critical, so if you really enjoy my book, by all means, share my name as a new author.

Is there a character you feel especially connected to in any of your book?

Most definitely! It has to be Jason. I happen to be an RN and spent much of my career working nights in the hospital with a specialty of Cardiac Telemetry and ICU. Out of all the roles I had in nursing, hospice was actually my favorite. That may surprise a lot of people. However, as a hospice nurse, it was the one area where I could always make a difference. So, if anyone who has the personality trait of being a ‘rescuer,’ it would be me. It stems from being bullied and taunted during childhood and adolescence. Therefore, I have an emotional need to rescue people from whatever. I want to make a real difference in peoples lives. One of my lifelong philosophies I live by is that I would like to leave this world better than how I came into it. I have endless enthusiasm for advocating for any cause that will make this world a better place to live in.

Have you got a favourite Author?

If I had to pick a favorite author, I would have to say Agatha Christie. I love murder mysteries, and she was simply the best. Now, if I would look at M/M Romance authors, I’m going to have to go with Felice Stevens. And honestly, it’s so hard to pick just one, as there are so many excellent ones. However, I relate to her books so well and on the most basic human level. I feel completely caught up in her stories!

If you could have written any book which one would it be?

The Bible. Upfront, let me just say, my answer is meant to be with the utmost respect. That said, I would have preferred to write it without any material that could be construed as anti-gay. Let’s be honest though. The Bible has been used as a moral compass to allow individuals discriminate and marginalize the entire gay community. I often say that I would like to leave this world better than how I came into it.

What is the hardest part about writing for you?

For what I am sure may be difficult for many readers to believe, quite honestly, I found the sex scenes the hardest parts of the story to write. I say this with a bit of embarrassment on my part. My friends just laughed at me, in a kind way, of course. They couldn’t imagine why that was so difficult. When any given scene develops from my imagination, once I am grounded with what I wish to happen, the words flow easily from my brain down onto my fingertips. Much of what is written in a novel is dialogue. In a sex scene, dialogue tends to play a back seat. Your ability to vividly describe what is taking place between two characters becomes paramount. And if I were even more honest, something my character Christopher had to accomplish, it’s embarrassing to myself describing such tawdry details. Thus, it felt to me to be the most challenging to write. I would have to imagine, with some practice, it will become easier for me for future books.

How do you come up with the titles to your books?

Well, it has only been the one book so far. ‘The Rescuer’ was a title which I felt embodied who my character of Jason was. And being a rescuer is hardly uncommon for many individuals. As an RN myself, I would say I most definitely fall into that category. I suppose much of these desires to rescue stem from the fact that my childhood and adolescence were not the best of experiences. I was the kid who was bullied and taunted. Kids in high school would call me ‘gay’ before I even knew what the word meant. One thing was certain, it didn’t carry the meaning of gay that I understood as meaning ‘a state of joy and happiness.’ Anyhow, I would much rather lift someone up then tear them down with vicious words.

Do you hear from your readers much> What do they say?

Yes, in fact, I have heard from a number of voracious fans. The keyword being ‘voracious.’ If ‘The Rescuer’ really pulls at an emotional chord for the reader, they will contact me to gush to me about how much they loved my book. I must say, that’s a lot more refreshing than most other things in life. Usually, you only hear from people when they were hugely unhappy or dissatisfied.

Do you listen to music while you write> If so, what kind?

No, I don’t listen to any music. It would be far too distracting to me. I need to focus and listen to what my characters are saying to each other in my head. So, the background music would break that concentration. Even when I sit down to read, I do so in a quiet environment.

Eric Huffbind is a man of many talents. He is a hopeless romantic, licensed registered nurse, has been a travel agent, and the eternal social butterfly. Among his passionate interests are history, genealogy, romance, and travel. Like so many other individuals, he has a long bucket list. On the list, to no surprise, was writing a novel. So this, his debut novel, is a lifetime of raw emotions: be it love, happiness, sadness, tears, joy, anxiety, fear, disappointment, or achievement. Although, the story in The Rescuer, focuses on the romantic relationship of two gay men, regardless of your sexual orientation, this novel is meant to rekindle the true spirit of romance and love in your heart. If Mr. Huffbind’s story moves you through an array of emotions, and it touches your romantic spirit, please share the book with a friend. ​ Mr. Huffbind was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and has remained in southwest Ohio for his entire life. His current residence is in West Chester Township, Ohio. He shares his life with his husband, an autistic son, and his beautiful Pomeranian.





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