The Awakening By TL Travis

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THE AWAKENING - The Elders Trilogy Book 1 by International Best Seller T.L Travis - 13th September 2017

😌Dream Sequence As I stand with my eyes closed, the wind elfishly tickles my face, dancing through the forest trees. Tilting my head back, allowing my face to bask in the golden glow of the full harvest moon, the child in me enjoys the wicked way the elements toy with me. My senses strained, picking up the sweet tinge of tree sap pointing me to the location of the freshly broken branches. These scents so familiar, reminding me of spring time in Michigan when I was a child. Blinded by this seductive trance, I lost sight of what drew me to this mythical locale. Snapping back to reality, I realize he’s still there, lurking behind the shadows, taunting me. Only his silhouette is visible, but it feels as though he’s staring right into my soul.

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